Sara Oswalt is Purveyor's head designer. She grew up in Austin, afterwards exploring the world through her work and travel. Spending 14 years in the fashion industry as a stylist in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles,  Sara has had the opportunity to work with inspiring names and talents and travel to some very unforgettable locations around the globe.  Now she brings her taste, experience, and fresh aesthetic to the world of interiors and design.  With her knowledge of trends, composition, and how to interpret a look for a specific client - she brings a casual relationship to the table, that helps her clients build a look that is all their own. Combining vintage, repurposed, and new designer pieces, Sara makes an exceptional and unparalleled clean look to a family's or business's space, while working within the reality of a client's lifestyle and needs. Sara's services help to interpret a person's aesthetic, integrate a couple's style, and understand a brand's look and feel.